Project 1: People and Place.

Assignment brief: For this project you will work on DLSR cameras to create a series of images on location responding to the theme of People & Place. You are expected to conduct a range of inspirational research, evidence tests shoots, contact sheets, personal critical evaluation, postproduction, and editing down to a selection of two final images to be printed to exhibition quality for formative assessment on 31st October 2016.

Place: In this lecture we looked at the place part of our assignment brief of people and place.


Hiroshi Sugimoto,

We started by looking at Hiroshi Sugimoto who is a Japanese photographer, born on February 23, 1948.

He photographed the entirety of films, leaving the shutter open for the whole film and would end up with a blank white screen. I found this to be an interesting concept because too much information leads to nothingness, just a blank screen.

The photograph above is an example of one of the images from the series. What draws my eye with the photograph is the sheer amount of detail in the shot, you can see each chair, all the detail of the stand around the screen. For such a simple shot, in thought, there is so much detail. The composition of the shot also makes it successful it has the point of main interest in the centre with all the detail around it.

He also did a series of images where he photographed the seascape – without boats, birds  etc… He didn’t want anything but the landscape in his images. In all of these images he put the horizon line in exactly the same place, right in the middle of the photograph. This kept a consistency with his images which made them work well as a set.


Louis Porter

Another, more light hearted, photographer we looked at was Louis Porter. Who did a series of images called ‘Bad Driving’ and another called ‘Bad Painting’, these sets of photographs are a fun look at place. Porter looks closer at the world around us and notices small details that might have otherwise been overlooked and puts a funny twisted on them. He uses bright colours and eye catching situations to create photographs that capture those little moments in life.


Sze Tsung Leong

The last photographer that I will look at is Sze Tsung Leong. Sze Tsung Leong is an American and British photographer and artist interested in urban studies. He takes photographs of complex city spaces. He was interested in the idea of the mass of  change, the mass of people and how they are developing and becoming more like weston society. I think that this shot is so successful because of the composition, I like the way that the building short of fade out of existence and there is no definitive end to them.


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