Plymouth Culture

plymouth-culture-logo.pngIn our last lecture we had Joe Meldrum, communications officer for Plymouth Culture, come in and talk to us about the work that he and two others are involved in with plymouth culture. He spoke to us about the projects that they have both completed and have lined up for the future. These projects include; horizon, mayflower 400 and vital sparks, which I will go into greater detail about later. He also spoke about the magazine that they have created called Made In Plymouth.

Horizon is a visual arts programme in Plymouth. It has been given £635,000 from the Art Council England’s ‘Ambition for Excellence’ funding programme. It’ll start in November and will last for two years from then, developing four art festivals and events. It will also support development programmes for artists and will enable communities to commission visual artwork. Horizon will include the ‘Three Towns’ which is a cross-city art exhibition working with communities in Stonehouse and Devonport. It will also include the ‘Atlantic Project’ which is a major international public art festival. Ans lastly two editions of the ‘Plymouth Art Weekender’ festival which will be happening in both 2017 and 2018.

Vital sparks is a project that will last for three years. It has been designed to encourage art in the community of Plymouth. People can be given a small bursaries from around  £500 to £5,000. These bursaries are available to the all those in the community. I think this is a really interesting project which will definitely encourage people to put themselves and their creative ideas out there.

On the website it states that Plymouth Culture has four priority areas of work; nurturing talent, community engagement, major projects and international projects. I got the impression from Joe Meldrum that these are things that all of them on the team are very passionate about.


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